Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Dear Not-Mother & Gaia - poem

The Dear Not-Mother & Gaia - poem Tube. Duration : 8.60 Mins.

2009-09-08 - poem, part 1 ♥ TRANSCRIPT: ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ channel Intro: Deep down I sink, into her womb; her body round about me wraps, Dear Gaia. Warm holds she me, wrapped tightly close, helps hold me up, Dear Gaia. Heart heavy, I drop, float gently down, rock left and right, swing back, then forth In Gaia. Oh hold me, close, dear Mother, now, for die I might, for slain am I, Dear Gaia. "You're not my mother." These words were hers - shaft straight to my heart. This mother's heart no more will float, Dear Gaia. Shorn lamb is she, or soon will be, for stealth hath she to steal, then flee, this daughter. And now, sheriff there, and lover too, cry out they do, "Oh no! The mother lies!" says this daughter. Hold me, Gaia, hold me, do. Don't let me go, for this mother's heart floats no more above, but sinks below - here to the depths, with you to be, to hold up me, Dear Gaia. So "No!" cries she; "It was not me. Those things were took by some foul crook," says daughter. Sad full, am I, who must stand by and hear the lies so poorly plied, this mother...

Keywords: Source or God, Spirit or spiritual, soul, higher Self, falling out with daughter, theft, morphine or narcotics for pain, poem by Not-Mother, heartstrings, heart over head, emotion and pain, cry or weep, Gaia or Mother Earth, comfort, serendipity, 3D and dimensions, planet is sentient, philosophy or religion, Love, meditation

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