Thursday, December 29, 2011

Daddy's Day Poem and Artwork

Daddy's Day Poem and Artwork Video Clips. Duration : 5.73 Mins.

daddy's day is a poem written by Cheryl Costello... Its under strict copy right rulles but the advantage of not being very popular is apparent here =D. This beautiful poem is probably the only poem that has a 60 percent succress rate of making grown men cry (which is a good thing if your wondering) This project is far from finished.. actually i am just testing to se eif its possible, to have the words run while art work is being recorded, I plan on replacing this project with somehting much better (in terms of composition) Oh and as a side note it actually doesnt say in the poem but the father was actually a fireman deceased during work in ground-zero Music is the Portrait by James Horner from the titanic Soundtrack

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