Sunday, December 25, 2011

Define Bastard? Featuring "Upbringing of a Rock Ribbed Rose"

Define Bastard? Featuring "Upbringing of a Rock Ribbed Rose" Tube. Duration : 3.60 Mins.

READD MEE : "there's nobody out there teaching a man to be a real man. theres nobody out there teaching a father how to be a real father, nobody teaching a husband how to be a husband." - snoop dogg; recording artist Some background info about the poem: As mentioned in the video, I wrote it for a poetry book my school published in fall 2008 called "Listen: Poems - Frederick Douglass Highschool Students Speak Out" Had my draft written up in about an hour or two...we were rushing! It was sponsored by Kwame Alexander and Miss Titilayo Ngenwya. Oh and by the way, if you ever get a chance to pick up the book, YOURS TRULY WROTE INFO ON THE BACK OF THE BOOK JACKET LOL (even though kwame changed it around a little). Background info about me and other things... : I was conceived in Jamaica...TMI, i know, lol but thats why i said the seed was "planted in Jamaica" (Im American born, my dads Jamaican.) The poem's metaphor also "stems" from the fact that my moms last name is Rose. So anyways... I got soo mad when I recently decided to talk to my dad about why he left and how he feels now...All he kept saying was "I don't want to dishonor your mother but..blah blah blah" everytime i asked him a question. There's no way he could POSSIBLY "dishonor" my mother by telling me why HE did what HE did. It's sad how some grown men can't even take responsibility for their actions...He kept saying he was young, this and that, like..UMMMM YOU WAS 30! oO Dont let me leave out the fact ...

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