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The Best Gift Ideas For a Daughter's 18th Birthday

Your little princess is on the threshold of adulthood! Where did the years rush by! An 18th birthday is a considerable milestone in a young girl's life -- she is officially done with her turbulent adolescence and is stepping into the world of adults. Small wonder then this birthday is such a very momentous one.

Obviously, a daughter's 18th birthday gift calls for creativity, thoughtfulness and a judicious mix of extravagance and practicality. Remember, this is also a year when many young girls head out to college and university -- in short, take their first independent steps towards development a life of their own.

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So, what are the top birthday gifts to make her landmark day unique and unforgettable? Here's a ready list of the top 10.

The Best Gift Ideas For a Daughter's 18th Birthday

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1. Clothes -- An 18th birthday entails a night out with friends, or a knock-out party -- in short, a grand celebration. And she wants to look drop-dead gorgeous. Help her transition from a wacky teen to an elegant diva by handpicking a beautiful dress for her. (Best to take her along to avoid a nasty anti-climax.) Alternatively, she may even be relocating soon to someone else town to pursue higher studies. Why not give her a ready wardrobe of clothes for her fresher year?

2. Fashion accessories -- She is very conscious of having suddenly gone 'all grown up'. Her hitherto bohemian scarves and totes may suddenly lose their fascination for her. Present her with some classy fashion accessories like an elegant wrap, stole, leather handbags and designer scarves, development her truly the belle of the ball.

3. Jewellery -- Again, lifestyle altering decisions may have been made by her. Dangling chains and masses of bracelets may well be relinquished at the altar of teenage. She is an adult now! In keeping with her image makeover, personalised jewellery is a great gift. Pendants, a pair of remarkable brilliant stud earrings which would look great with just about any outfit, or a birthday bangle studded with her month's gemstones.

4. Perfume and make up -- Introduce her to designer brands in make-up and perfume. Put together a basic must-have kit of make-up essentials and comprise a perfume bottle along with its atomiser so that she can smell great even while on the go.

5. Her own wheels! If your funds allows it, surprise her on her birthday morning with the keys to her very own car, complete with the most recent car accessories fitted within.

6. A gourmet house supper -- Make her 18th birthday a memorable chance for the entire family, including the extended one. Request uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents who live in the same city and organise a knock-out supper at her favourite restaurant. Arrange for a cake and candles and get the restaurant's entertainment staff to sing the birthday song for her.

7. Relax the parental control. If she's been pestering you for that backpacking trip over Europe with her girl friends, now is the time to say yes. Trust her to do the right thing and she will.

8. A bespoke birthday poem -- Let an master do all the talking! Have a poem specially written for her. Brand-new adulthood is an uncertain time, when trust levels still swing wildly. Your loving assurance and a reinforcement of her definite traits and qualities will make her feel super special. Have the poem mounted alongside a particularly fetching picture of hers and frame it attractively.

9. Electronic gifts for the gadget-freak. Do all things electronic make her world go round? How about the most recent iPod (pre-set with her favourite songs) or a laptop? If she has a creative bent of mind, encourage her to make amateur movies by giving her the most recent digital camera or a handy cam. Who knows, you may have just awakened her latent talent?

10. A memory book -- If writing is her passion, then encourage it additional by giving her a memory journal. Fill the first page with your loving message to her. Let her make friends with its pages as she covers the blank sheets with her thoughts and feelings. A scrapbook to jot down considerable developments on the journey of adulthood.

She will be 18 just once. So, let your daughter's 18th birthday truly be one that she remembers even when she is 80!

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