Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tears Drop

Tears dropped from my eyes
As the days passed by
It was painful yet so dear
I had to feel it and bear

I remembered exactly when father was no more
It had jolted me and tore apart
The mother was still there to console
I heaved a sigh of relief with strong pole

Mother To Daughter Poems

As mother proved to be strong lady
There was felt no vacuum for the daddy
He had left no fortune but settled us in strong hand
Mother took the control and treated us like friends

Tears Drop

Sundays in the South: 30 Selected Poems Set to Music Best

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Sundays in the South: 30 Selected Poems Set to Music Overview

On the deathbed of her beloved mother, Tamara Martin inherited her collected papers and writings. In the terrible grief, pain and sorrow of her death and funeral. they were put aside in a box, which ended up in a dusty attic. Some years later, after a difficult divorce and the joy of meeting and marrying her true soul mate Michael, she again discovered the box of her mother's writing and saw for the first time, a forgotten folder of poems. Thus began Tamara's journey of discovery to full awareness of the creative force that was her mother. Vern's creativity and talent had been buried beneath the weight of bigotry, indifference, ignorance and intolerance for a lifetime.

In this special selection, taken from the book of the same name, you will discover poems of great depth and poignancy contrasted with light funny poems of 'Maw-Maws Magic Gum', 'bees caught in a jar' and 'shirt tails' for a kite written for sons, daughters and grandchildren. There are also poems of universal appeal to all of us about life and its many problems that give new insight into the choices made, pathways taken and their impact on others. There are poems of immense passion and love for family and of the times Tamara and Vernice lived through. In the book there are many more wonderful photographs of friends and family members that provide a fascinating glimpse back to the splendor of pre-war Egan, Eunice, Crowley and Lafayette, Louisiana.

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We owed the body and soul to parents
It was true and very much apparent
We had learnt lessons of self sufficiency
Mother worked hard for us not to feel any deficiency

I remember and count essential moments
Mother stood firm and gave no vents
It was her heroic endeavor to keep us under fold
She taught us to be brave and bold

Today when I look back and open the memory
It all moves like movie with all impressions to carry
I move with all the scenes as if it has happened yesterday
It has ended with the nightmare in a day

We were hand to mouth for many days
We could find no respectful way
It required great struggle to survive
We too were determined for qualified drive

It did not break us from within
It was situation like no loss no wins
We had learnt a lot to stand fast
The situation was not to remain same till last

I have vivid memory and painful past
Even though it made us tough to stand fast
It had made us to forget and leave behind
There was to be left no trace to find

Though mother is not with me today
I have not forgotten those days
She was by all means an alert guard
To take us in force and look forward

I have raised great empire with all means
She is there in all the corners and seen
It was her resolute stand that took us out of storm
She was as dedicated as before and fully informed

I shed tears not for being left alone
But her performance to take us out from cyclone
Had she lost her courage and proximity of mind
We would have been no where to find

Though God is great to take us to shore
We pray all those dear ones and adore
We can do nothing for their brave front
Only last glorious moments make us to confront

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