Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cinderella 1947 USSR Eng Sub

Cinderella 1947 USSR Eng Sub Tube. Duration : 78.53 Mins.

A Fairytale. Filmed at 1947 at Lenfilm Studio, USSR. I do not own this movie, all rights belongs to their respectful owners. Translation is done for non-Russian speakers. It may have omissions as this was done as a hobby, not a professional involvement. I will not allow comments as I have no intentions to handle someone's bad mood. The actors participating in this movie are legends. I did translate it because it is one of my favourites from my childhood, so I wish to share it. I was feeling down, this project cheered me up. The movie was shot two years after the devastating Second World War, which took some 40 mil. lives in Soviet Union alone (official stat.), not to mention a two years blockade of Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) by nazis, when city's population was literally starved to death. So, this is pretty amazing, I don't think many countries in the world can pull this off. So, I guess it deserves watching. BTW, I can not remember any Hollywood or Disney fairytale, which I would like more, than this. And, again, there is a possibility it was already translated, but I couldn't find it, so I did it just for fun. It may be even voiced-over, because, while living in USA I saw one Soviet cartoon on PBS, which I was quite surprised to see, but it had no credits at the end, so US viewers would never know is was Soviet, or Russian, cartoon. So, anything possible.

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