Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kangulum Pagalum- Nithyanusanthanam; Kovil Tiruvaimozhi 7 (with meaning)

Kangulum Pagalum- Nithyanusanthanam; Kovil Tiruvaimozhi 7 (with meaning) Video Clips. Duration : 6.88 Mins.

In these 10 verses, Nammazhwar is yearning for the divine love of Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam, India. The incessant cries, yearning are all from a pure devotee aspiring to enjoy the ultimate bliss of the Lord. This bhava (feeling/emotion/experience) is called Nayaki Bhava (or Sringara Bhava or Madhura Bhava), a spiritual union of the devotee with the Supreme. Very few devotees, the purest of the pure, experience this mood. Notable other examples (that I know) are Chaitanya Mahaprabu, where he assumed the mood of Radha, and Annamacharya (telugu composer saint of the 14th century). Understanding and comprehending this mood is very hard for materialists like us used to thinking in terms of body and flesh. But, you can't easily dismiss these as love poems ie a woman desiring for a man. We have to remember that the person who is experiencing this mood is the same one who has showered vedantic meanings in his verses (see Uyarvara Uyarnalam). So Nammazhwar, blessed with the highest knowledge/wisdom (revealed by the Lord), in spite of not going to any school to even learn Tamil formally (leave alone Vedas) (Nammazhwar was born to a tree-cutter couple, in the shudra varna, but is celebrated as the purest devotee of the Lord by the highest vedanti), is experiencing this mood. Thus, once again, it's the jivAtma yearning to enjoy the paramAtma, rather than anything to do with body and flesh. In these 10 verses, Nammazhwar's (now in the mood of a girl yearning for her love, Lord ...

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